Shri Jain Vidya Prasarak Mandal's,

Rasiklal M.Dhariwal Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research,

Chinchwad Pune 411019

(Approved by AICTE, PCI, DTE code PH6823, SPPU, & Accredited with A+ Grade with CGPA 3.46)

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Shri Jain Vidya Prasarak Mandal's

Rasiklal M.Dhariwal Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Chinchwad, Pune.


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Institutional Distinctiveness


As a pharmacy institute it is most important thing for us that our outgoing student shouldbe a dexterous professed pharmacist. Dexterous means skilful with the practical hands andprofessed means multitalented having or showing exceptional knowledge. Our main dictumand thrust area is to develop the best pharmacists from our Institute. We have set our vision“To be an academic foundation constantly trailing distinction in the field of pharmaceuticaleducation and research, with an aim to provide professionally competent pharmacist”.Keeping in line with vision of institute and considering challenges in healthcare system themost important tool to face the upcoming challenges is to promote research, but we want tomake our students an ethical researcher. But while making our students excellent ineducation it‟s our prime duty to teach those ethics of life. The institute continuously strivesto inculcate social duties and responsibilities amongst the faculty and students. Ethics playsa large role in shaping the social behaviour of a person in all spheres of life. Compliancewith ethics guarantees a person and society a conflict-free existence and the possibility ofdevelopment. Social service gives a satisfaction as well as thought of selfless efforts.Social service also has an important role in various developmental dimensions of nation.


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