Shri Jain Vidya Prasarak Mandal's,

Rasiklal M.Dhariwal Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research,

Chinchwad Pune 411019

(Approved by AICTE, PCI, DTE code PH6823, SPPU, & Accredited with A+ Grade with CGPA 3.46)

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College Student’s Council 2020-21

Sr. No.

Name of Member

Designation of Member

Contact Numbers


Dr. Sanjay G. Walode




Mrs. Harshada H. Puranik

Lecturer  Nominated by the Principal



Not Applicable

National Cadet Corps Officer



Mr. Raghunath P. Raut

National Service Scheme Programme Officer







  1. Ajay M. Annadate (F. Y. B. Pharm.)

  2. Asiya I. Khan (S. Y. B. Pharm.)

  3. Nazma M Ansari (T.Y.B. Pharm.)

  4. Kusum S. Choudhary (Final. Y. B. Pharm.)


One student from each class, who has shown academic merit at the examination held in prededing year and who is engaged in full-time studies in the college, nominated by the principal

  1. 12th CET.
  2. F. Y. B. Pharm.
  3. S. Y. B. Pharm.
  4. T. Y. B. Pharm.





  1. 9075072618

  2. 8623832350

  3. 8379867843

  4. 9623464316



Mr. Anand A. Kakde

Co-ordinator, Sports and Physical Education






  1. Pratik S. Ransing  (Final Y. B. Pharm.)

  2. Shubham B. Babare (T. Y. B. Pharm.)

  3. Not Applicable
  4. Mayank M. Jain (Final Y. B.  Pharm.)

One student  who has shown outstanding performance in each of following category, nominated by the Principal

  1. Sports
  2. National Service Scheme (NSS) and Adult Education
  3. National Cadet Corps ( NCC)
  4. Cultural Activities



  1. 9607768168

  2. 7756002882

  3. NA
  4. 8433550140


  1. Jayashree R. Javir (S. Y. B. Pharm.)

  2. Prajakta A. Bhendale (S. Y. B. Pharm.)


Two lady student members nominated by the Principal

  1. 9130664412

  2. 7218498398